Friday, August 3, 2007

I Love The French

Over on the Nexus website, I wrote about the long, involved and painful process of getting my overpriced Apple iPhone running in France. I love that I'll be able to write this trip off as "research" for my upcoming EXCLUSIVE review of the iPhone.

Anyway, what I didn't tell you in that article is this: the French made a few concessions and adjustments to let me use the iPhone in their country. Since I travel here so often (and they're so happy to have me) they were thrilled to do whatever needed to be done to allow me to continue my research.

I think this was worth it:

Obviously, you can't take the elevator to the top any more, but the view was unimpressive anyway.


Anonymous said...

Nooooo... We're not thrilled to have Paul in France ! Look what he did to our eiffel tower!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot the most important question : how many paul's head will the iphone get in the final part of the review ?