Monday, August 20, 2007


Over on the Nexus, I wrote about the ridiculous (and obvious) ripoff of the calculator interface for the overpriced Apple iPhone. I mean, come on:

But it's not the first time.

Remember the "revolutionary" Bondi Blue iMac? A clear ripoff of a classic game:

And the most egregious example--Apple's ripoff of 3M's "Post-it" notes with their lame "stickies" (thanks to John Gruber for pointing this one out):

It's this one, though, that really makes you go wonder what they're drinking in the Cupertino water. Look at Apple's obvious use of Braun-inspired holes:

Folks, this is is pathetic. I mean, come on...if you don't see it, you're just not trying. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

Very enthusiastic in part 5 of the iPhone review on the Supersite, Paul. I think I saw the word "awesome" in there somewhere.

You do know you disappoint your fans if you're not dismissive towards Apple products. I hope part 6 is not so toothless.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that Real Paul's original post is so ridiculously absurd that you can't really parody it - it's just that stupid.