Thursday, July 26, 2007

Something's Fishy

Those of you who read the excellent "Paul Thurrott's Internet Nexus" will note that I've done my best to point out that Apple is less and less focused on the Mac these days, obviously. Ever since they dropped the word "Computer" from their name, Steve Jobs has been obsessed with iPods, the ill-fated AppleTV and the overpriced Apple iPhone. Apple simply doesn't care about desktop computing and, therefore, Macs. Here are a few samples for those you you that haven't been paying attention:

From June 11: "I think that we will all look back on this day as the time when we stopped thinking about desktop OSes and focused on the mobile, Web-based future."

From June 13: "And now we know that OS X is as mature an OS as is Windows and, in the end, there's really just not much you can do beyond the evolutionary stuff. Ultimately, that's why the mobile device stuff is so exciting, at least on the Apple side: It's a place where Apple can continue to make big advances."

And I've repeatedly pointed out that Apple doesn't care about the Mac any more. We had a MacWorld where Steve-O didn't even talk about the Mac! I've been beating this drum for a long time.

Anyway. That's what makes Apple's recent earnings announcement so disturbing. Most Macs sold in a quarter ever? What's up with that? Of course, all of this means nothing. Since the larger PC market is also growing (although not as fast as Apple), they have to run several times as hard just to post even minor gains. Their 2.49% worldwide market share is still a pimple on the ass of Windows.

But still, I have to wonder how they were able to sell so many Macs in a single quarter, especially when my flawless analysis showed that Apple doesn't really care about selling computers any more.

It's a good thing I have a trip to France coming up. I need to ponder this.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing you say can surprise us this week, Paul. Dvorak's got you trumped before you start with this staggering volte-face

"That's right. I'm using a Mac, and, surprise, I like it. Deal. ",1759,2162397,00.asp