Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Am A Diet Expert

Trust me:

"If eating less made you lose weight, we wouldn't be fat."

"Fitness is good but it will not help you lose weight."

That's how you do it. Eat more bacon. You can trust me on this just like you can trust me on everything else I've ever said, particularly when I predicted the demise of iTunes, the iPhone, and the iPad. Obviously. No one could say it better: "You're welcome to your beliefs, but you're wrong."


Anonymous said...

paul, how long does it take to see some result? also, have you seen the book called the 4 hour body?
it proposes a very similar strategy as the book you were speaking about.

Alexandra said...

Paul, after learning about Taubes' book from you, I read it and have since lost 10 pounds. It is life changing. The science is so compelling that only an idiot would not be convinced. Just wondered how you were doing on it so far.

Not Paul said...

Thanks for asking, Alexandra. My gorilla hands are as huge as ever, and my sizable bulk has diminished very little. I have basically stopped crowing about my weight loss regimen because the only thing that has shrunk is my credibility.