Friday, June 29, 2007


At first I thought this was a joke--a picture of former-Microsoftie-turned-traitor Robert Scoble in line for an iPhone:

But then I stopped by his "Scobleizer" blog, and sure enough, he's bragging about being first in line. Even worse, he's sucking up to former Apple programmer Bill Atkinson.

I have two exclusive thoughts here, none of which you'll read anywhere else in the tech press. First, whatever else you might think about Apple, Atkinson is a true legend...he was Apple's first software developer. The guy wrote MacPaint and Hypercard! Look at the picture on Scoble's site: Why does Apple make a frail old man stand in line for an iPhone? It's repulsive, really.

The second point involves Scoble: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This is really sad. Seeing someone like Scoble, a guy I used to really respect, sitting there on that ugly corduroy beanbag chair, with his pathetic MacBook, sucking up to the passerby for all the publicity he can's just sickening.

Unless I get distracted by something shiny, I'll have more on this issue over at the Supersite (the most popular Windows Website in this or any other galaxy) later today.

Yeah, I'm that upset.

update: Apparently even Steve Wozniak had to stand in line. I guess you can't get this overpriced keyboard-less accessory early unless you're willing to write a glowing review. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

Think you need to admit you were wrong on the Supersite, Paul:

Not Paul said...

"anonymous": They didn't test what would happen if you drove over it with a Hummer. Clearly, this is a flawed methodology. Stay tuned, as I will write more about this later.

Nick said...

Have you ever seen the results of these Google searches, Paul?

enderle jackass

thurrott jackass

It seems you (with around 750 hits) are slightly less unpopular with Apple fanboys than Rob (with over 900). I'm thinking Rob will be into four figures for that search soon.