Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What's In A Name

Over on the excellent "Paul Thurrott's Internet Nexus" website, I wrote: "I'm adult enough to be frisky without having to call anyone a jackass."

Actually that's not true. Dave Winer is a Jackass, as I have repeatedly pointed out. I only wrote what I did because I was poking at t-shirt salesman John Gruber.

Anyway. I got thinking about this when I read a New York Magazine article about Steve Jobs that stated, "Yet the most common descriptor applied to him, by friends and foes and even Jobs himself, is 'asshole.' "

That got me thinking. I wonder what people say about me? So here are the results:

Paul Thurrott Asshole: 13,300 results
Paul Thurrott Jackass: 580 results
Paul Thurrott Asshat: 154 results

Clearly I'm not in Steve Jobs' league. Yet. But I'm still slightly ahead of that do-gooder Mary Jo Foley and my good friend Rob Enderle, who come in at 11,400 and 988, respectively.

Take that!


Anonymous said...

Sorry. You're trailing John C. Dvorak by a good margin:

dvorak + asshole

More than 65,000 hits.

Not Paul said...

"Dvorak" is actually French for "asshole". I know this, because I visit France on a regular basis, and my wife is French. So I discount those results because of that. Of course, that doesn't stop Dvorak from being an asshole on occasion. Obviously.

pohl said...

That's good to know. I've always wondered whether
I should pronounce it like the composer (Antonín Dvořák) or /duh-VOR-ack/ -- ever since I switched
from querty.

Now I can just tell people I type in asshole.

pohl said...

...see how effortlessly the 'u' flows from the 'q' in
the asshole layout? It's actually hard to type "qwerty".