Saturday, August 4, 2007

Don't Make Me Squirt You With My Brown Zune

I don't know who "John Pospisil" is, but apparently he's another Paul Thurrott wannabe, in the sense that he thinks he's a real tech reporter. He's not.

In this pathetic article, Pospisil (is that his real name?) quotes the brilliant Robbie Bach from Microsoft, who speaks eloquently about the phenomenal gains the Zune is making in the MP3 player market:
"You'll also see us broaden the brand, where today I think the Zune brand is a little bit sort of in the hard-core niche music space, we want to broaden it into the broader music space, and you're going to see that happen again over time"
Robbie likes the word "broad" a lot.

But then Popsicle, or whatever his name is, puts his caustic pen to paper and writes this tripe about the Zune's market share:

"Of course what Bach failed to mention was that the hard-disk-based media players are only a small proportion of the overall media player market, with most media players using flash memory for storage rather than hard disks. This means Microsoft’s market share of the total media player market is even smaller than it might at first appear."
Whatever. This guy's got spin that'll make you dizzier than Paris Hilton riding the teacup at DisneyWorld after taking Ecstasy. I've already pointed out that the Zune is number two in Hard Drive-based sales, Number One in brown MP3 player sales, and has no competition whatsoever for its proprietary file format!

Guys like Pospisil just don't get it. Obviously.

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