Friday, August 31, 2007

Rumors and Fact

Over on the Nexus, I've accurately reported that Apple will soon offer music from "The Beatles" on its somewhat popular iTunes Music Store in the near future. The tagline for their upcoming special event, "The Beat Goes On", is a clear reference to the "Fab Four":

But now, there's some hand-wringing going on at Mac fanboi sites like this one, and this one, and this one, who claim that there may not be a Beatles-related introduction at Apple's upcoming "special event".

How many times to I have to say this? You can't trust Mac rumor sites, sorry. But you can trust the author of the most popular Windows website in the discovered universe (namely me). The Beatles are coming to iTunes. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

Whoops! They caught you out:

"You can't download new ringtones, applications, songs, and other items over the air."

Paul Thurrot, WinSuperSite: Apple iPhone Review Part 7: Conclusions

Pretty soon it seems you will be able to:

"The iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store is available internationally in every country where Apple operates an iTunes Store, said Jobs.

"And we're going to bring it to the iPhone," he added. Jobs said the new software will be delivered to iPhone users via an iPhone software update later this month."

Jobs at Moscone

That must have really pissed you off, Paul -- spoilt your day. In fact, the whole presentation must have -- it really showed just who is the leader in this market.

That quote was from your marathon iPhone Review, which I see you've finished now -- the one at the WinSuperSite.

It was as inaccurate and downright dishonest as I suspected it would be. I shan't pick out the many deceptions and untruths, but I just loved the summary early on:

"... I believe that the iPhone is utterly useless as a traditional smart phone ... The iPhone is a ... style statement ..."

Yeah, right.

And you had the gall to criticize Mossberg and Pogie as "fanboys". Better a fanboy than a liar, Paul. At least the former have an honest and enthusiastic, if unrealistic, preference. But we all know what shills are and why they do and say what they do and say. Apparently, Mossberg and the Pogue aren't "real people" either. Funny, I guess the newspapers could have set up false identities -- rather like Microsoft did when it did its fake "switch" campaign -- but I'm sure I've seen both men in the flesh.

But I love the way you imply your review is the only one out there worth reading -- such splendid arrogance.

Not Paul said...

Yes, if there is one thing I am, it's "splendid". Obviously.