Friday, November 12, 2010

Everything Is Someone Else's Fault

So it's unclear why the Tear-Inducing Magical Windows Phone 7 Phone isn't selling particularly well, but then again, I take comfort in knowing it's not Microsoft's fault. Obviously. Mr. Ballmer has been busy planting stories informing journalists about the real reasons:

It's AT&T's Fault

It's the fault of the partners

It's a manufacturing problem

It doesn't matter anyway, because Microsoft is being chased by a bear. Whatever the hell that means.

So rest easy, dear reader. All is well in Microsoft-land, and the Tear-Inducing Magical Windows Phone 7 Phone will be just fine. Obviously.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Paulie,

Why are there supply shortages of WP7 when your employer has enough on hand to GIVE 90,000 employee's. Something is fishy here. Hmmm possibly MicroShaft holding back supply to control demand?

Their phone launch was a joke. Just like their products and their leaders, and their banner wavers like you.