Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Enjoy Your Yugo"

I will be reviewing the fantastic iPad-killing Amazon Kindle Fire (the greatest thing to come out of the tablet universe since Microsoft unleashed the format a decade ago), but needless to say, you know I'm going to say it's awesome, perfect, and will obviously be the final nail in the coffin of Apple.

Even though it's not true.

Look, I'm one of those people that can't admit when I'm wrong. The Fire is a freaking joke, obviously, and everyone that reviews it says so. But not me. You don't come to me for truth, you come to me for anti-Apple rants and shilling for products I like or have some financial attachment to.

Now go buy the damn Fire, and make sure you do it through a link I will helpfully provide that gives me a financial kickback. I have kids to feed.



Yogi said...

Wait, so your links showing bad reviews of the Fire are to Perenson, Mossberg, and Pogue? Thurrott may indeed be a shill, but the three you link to aren't exactly the bastions of unbiased journalism.

Not Paul said...

I am the only tech journalist in the known universe with a shred of credibility, obviously. It doesn't matter who I link to; none of them have my stellar credentials and massive gorilla hands. Obviously.